EV Charging Cable | Type 2 to 32A Commando | 7.2 kW | 5 Metre | Mode 2 |


Easily charge your Type 2 EV from a 32 Amp commando socket. Just plug and charge! This is suitable for all UK households.

  • -32 Amp Commando power plug

    -Type 2 charging plug (IEC 62196)

    -Power usage stats via LED screen

    -Amp select feature to down rate on button press

    -5 Metre

    -Current: 32A

    -Voltage range: 220V ± 10%

    -Maximum power: 7.2kW

    -Auto charge recovery: Yes

    -Over current protection: Yes

    -32amp cable 3G6 + 2 x 0.75mm

    -10,000 mating cycles

    -Cable strain relief feature insulated terminal design

    -Built-in LED charging status indicator

    -IP66 weatherproof

    -Operating temperature: -30° to +50°

    -CE certified / TUV certified

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