Upgrade Kit From EV Ready WallPod EVWP0020 to Type 1 tethered WallPod EVWP1140 16Amp/32Amp


Upgrade you EV Ready WallPod to a Type 1 Tethered Unit

Bundle includes:

KEM0983D - WallPod Mode 3 Cable Bracket

CAB0006 - Black Cable Gland with Spiral Support 25mm

ACSE0060 - Contactor 16/32Amp 240V

EVRS0010 - Remote Wall Mount J1772 Charge Gun Holster

EVPL0160 - J1772 32 Amp Plug with 5 Meter Cable

ACSE0020 - EVSE Mode 3 Controller 32 Amp (COM)

ACSE0100 - LED Status Indicator

ACEQ0185 - C40/20 Amp 30mA 2p Type A (10Ka) RCBO

KAV0009C - Blank Pod 2574-05 Lime Green


Category: Spare Components, Upgrade Kits